Review on La Favorita Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito

So I went to a concert last night (No Bragging Rights & Casey Jones, if you were interested) and I didn’t end up getting home until like 12. Needless to say getting up for work this morning was a little rough. I took my sweet time to get ready, so I didn’t have any time to make my  morning breakfast smoothie. So I ended up hitting the grocery store for breakfast. I grabbed the La Favorita Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito. I thought I would share my thoughts on it in case anyone was thinking about trying them. These are available in the frozen food section and cost about $1.99.

I would say the taste lives up to what they claim. Does have a homemade taste (more of a reheated homemade burrito taste, if that makes any sense). I would request a bit more salt just to bring out flavors, but maybe that is just me. It was pretty tasty, but I found myself wishing I has some salsa to put on top of or in it.

A couple of complaints. There was only cheese on one half of the burrito. I didn’t even know there was cheese until I started eating the last half. I also found that once the burrito started to cool off end of the tortilla starts to get rubbery, which is something fairly common with frozen food items.

Overall, in a pinch or if you want something quick and easy, I would say give these burritos a try. They have several other kinds of burritos, most not vegetarian. Just keep in mind that it is something from the frozen food section so it isn’t going to be mind blowingly good.

Let me know if any of you guys are interested in posts like this. I can do more of these if it is something anyone is interested in. And sorry I don’t have an actual picture of the burrito, I pretty much inhaled the thing. Until next time happy eating!

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