It’s App time!

Over the past year I have come to find out about and love a couple apps. These apps make finding vegan options a snap! Whether it is finding the nearest vegan restaurant, or scanning a bar code at the store and finding out if it is vegan, or finding out what companies are behind certain products; the world of technology has made being vegan so much easier for me.

It can be a pretty daunting task (especially at first) to try and go vegan. You more or less are instantly trying to know what every ingredient in your food is and if it is vegan or not. Many of these apps take a lot of the guess work out of figuring out what is in your food. Not only will these apps tell you what isn’t vegan in your food, but it will tell you what it is. This has been really educational for me. I think some of these apps have been a life saver for my boyfriend, whom recently went vegan.

My list is pretty short, but I use these couple of apps all the time. These are great apps if you are just starting out being vegan, you are traveling to a new city, or if you just want to get some additional information about your food.

Here is my list of my favorite vegan related apps:


inrfoodInRFood is an app that lets you set food guidelines, such as vegan, gluten free, or nut free etc. The app looks up foods using their bar codes and lists out the all the ingredients. It will highlight ingredients to inform you of their nutritional quality. Ingredients that appear red are items to avoid, yellow is for moderate consumption and green is safe/nutritious.

You are also able to click on every ingredient in the product and get a ton of information on that ingredient, as well as articles and videos about that ingredient.

Besides just scanning items, you can also search for them. This is helpful when the bar code is damaged. You can also search by ingredient name.

In the event that the app can’t find a product you scan, you can pretty easily add it.


buycottBuycott is a app that helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so that it reflects your principles. When you open the app you can add campaigns that reflect your morals.

So say you would like to avoid purchasing products that support Monsanto. You can add that campaign to your app. And when you look up/scan products it will let you know if the product is ok to purchase. If the product does support Monsanto, it will list out why and how it supports the company.

There are tons of different campaigns you can add to reflect your moral beliefs.

This app is really empowering and has helped me to feel like I am spending my money in the right places.



Yelp-AppI know you probably know about Yelp, but I really do use this app a lot. It helps me to find nearby…anything. I use this app to find stores and their hours.

But perhaps, most importantly I use it to find restaurants with vegan options! I generally know what has vegan options in my area, but I have found Yelp’s vegan/vegetarian restaurant search option, to be very helpful when I am in a unfamiliar area. Plus the user reviews always help me figure out if the vegan options are worthwhile.


Cruelty-FreeThis app lists out personal care, cleaning and other day-to-day type products and their status as cruelty free brand. Once you find a brand/company you like, you can click on the company and get a brief description of the company’s practices.

You can look things up by company or product.

I think it can be very hard to decipher what some of the ingredients are in personal care/cosmetics. This app really helps if cruelty-free isn’t listed somewhere on the label.

So there is a list of my favorite vegan related apps! While there isn’t a ton, each app has a ton of information, and information is power! These apps help me to stay vegan, in a confusing world. All I can say is, yay for technology!

What are some of your favorite food related apps?


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