Boyfriend’s Birthday Weekend in San Diego!

Here is the photo story of our weekend in San Diego for my boyfriend’s birthday. It is a combo of camera and cell phone pictures.

IMG_3409 IMG_3413IMG_4560 IMG_4566 IMG_4565 IMG_4562IMG_3414

IMG_4568 IMG_4574 IMG_4572 IMG_4571 IMG_4569

IMG_3417 IMG_4576_2 IMG_3418IMG_4579 IMG_4585 IMG_4582IMG_3426 IMG_3429 IMG_3430  IMG_3434 IMG_3433 IMG_3432 IMG_3431IMG_3437IMG_3438IMG_3439IMG_3441IMG_3444IMG_3445 IMG_3450 IMG_3449 IMG_3447 IMG_3446IMG_3452 IMG_3454IMG_4586 IMG_4587_2IMG_4588 IMG_4589IMG_4590 IMG_4591 IMG_4592IMG_4594 IMG_4595IMG_4596 IMG_4597IMG_3455IMG_3456

IMG_3457IMG_4598 IMG_4599IMG_3461 IMG_3462This was an amazing trip. I feel so lucky to have spent it with 2 amazing people. Rob I love you so much and I hope you had a great birthday weekend. And I am sure there will be many more great birthdays to come.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I have a couple recipe posts coming up soon for you. I love you all. Thanks for letting me share my trip with you!


4 thoughts on “Boyfriend’s Birthday Weekend in San Diego!

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