Boyfriend’s Birthday Weekend in San Diego!

Here is the photo story of our weekend in San Diego for my boyfriend’s birthday. It is a combo of camera and cell phone pictures.

IMG_3409 IMG_3413IMG_4560 IMG_4566 IMG_4565 IMG_4562IMG_3414

IMG_4568 IMG_4574 IMG_4572 IMG_4571 IMG_4569

IMG_3417 IMG_4576_2 IMG_3418IMG_4579 IMG_4585 IMG_4582IMG_3426 IMG_3429 IMG_3430  IMG_3434 IMG_3433 IMG_3432 IMG_3431IMG_3437IMG_3438IMG_3439IMG_3441IMG_3444IMG_3445 IMG_3450 IMG_3449 IMG_3447 IMG_3446IMG_3452 IMG_3454IMG_4586 IMG_4587_2IMG_4588 IMG_4589IMG_4590 IMG_4591 IMG_4592IMG_4594 IMG_4595IMG_4596 IMG_4597IMG_3455IMG_3456

IMG_3457IMG_4598 IMG_4599IMG_3461 IMG_3462This was an amazing trip. I feel so lucky to have spent it with 2 amazing people. Rob I love you so much and I hope you had a great birthday weekend. And I am sure there will be many more great birthdays to come.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I have a couple recipe posts coming up soon for you. I love you all. Thanks for letting me share my trip with you!


Happy New Year!


I hope you all have a fun, warm, safe and happy new year! I have been blogging for a year! I never imagined a year ago what the decision to go vegetarian (and now vegan) would have changed my life so much for the better! And I plan to keep on going!

This year has shown me that I really do love food photography. So my goal this year is to improve my food photography skills. I am going to be starting a second blog, called 365 Days of Vegan Food. It will just be a photo blog, but I hope it will help me to progress my photography skills. Feel free to follow me there too. 🙂

I am sending my love and support to you in your New Years Resolutions! Lets make 2013 even better than 2012!


Cooking shows

If you do not know me personally, chances are you don’t know that I am a video editor. I have been working with a couple of friends on a couple cooking shows! I have been helping shoot and edit these shows. We haven’t gotten all the shows up, but here is the first episode of our show Apps.

Now all the episodes of Apps won’t be vegan. But our first episode is! So please check it out and let me/us know what you think!

50 Subscribers Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I am excited to announce I have reached 50 subscribers here on my blog! First of all I wanted to thank you all so much for the support. It has been an awesome experience to find other people that enjoy my food experimentation.

I started this blog as a way to keep myself motivated to live a vegetarian (and eventually vegan) lifestyle. But I have gotten so much more from this experience than I thought I was going to. Not only do I feel better physically, but emotionally I feel stronger. Overall I am just a more positive, happy person. Crazy how food can do that right? I will save the blabbing for another day, but from the bottom of my heart thank you! 🙂

Now onto the giveaway! I will be giving away Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook. This cookbook has over 250 recipes to suit pretty much anyones tastes. It also includes soy-free, gluten-free, and low-fat recipes. I think this is a great book to add to your collection, vegan or not.

There are only a couple rules for this giveaway. To enter you must do the following:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite cookbook is and why you like it so much
  2. You must be a subscriber to my blog
  3. You need to like my Facebook page, Veggie 4 a Year
  4. If you are under the age of 18 you need to have your parents permission to give me your address. (I will be purchasing the book on Amazon and having Amazon directly ship the book to you.)

That’s it! Pretty simple right? I will leave this giveaway open for about a month. Giveaway ends Friday August 31st, 2012. I will be announcing the winner on my blog and on my Facebook page the following morning. I will be emailing the winner from Just get me your address and I will get the cookbook sent out to you!

Hope you guys like this giveaway! And thank you again for all the support! So far it has been such a positive journey!


One Lovely Blog Award

I am not sure what all the details are with this, but I am just gonna wing it!

Thank you for nominating me Veganmonologue! I am so glad that you enjoy my blog. 🙂 You should go check out the blog if you haven’t already. Delicious and inspiring recipes!

I guess I am supposed to give you 10 facts about myself, and then nominate 5 blogs I enjoy. I am not sure if I am supposed to make up my own questions or just copy them from the nominator. So I am just copying her questions.

  • Favorite Color: Green or purple, and they look amazing together
  • Favorite animal: Dogs, I love their loyalty
  • Favorite number: 5
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Iced chai!
  • Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, I totally don’t get twitter
  • My passion: Anything cooking or food related. I have recently started working on 2 webisode cooking shows with friends.
  • Getting or giving presents: I like giving them when I have a good idea what to get someone
  • Favorite pattern: Do polka dots count as a pattern?
  • Favorite day of the week: Saturday
  • Favorite flower: Lily

Here are my 5 nominations in no particular order: (I am not sure if they have to be food related or not)

So hopefully I have done this right! If not, I shall update soon. Thanks again for the nomination!

Virtual Vegan Potluck

As you may or may not know I am totally in love with potlucks. My friends and I will get together and have movie nights/potlucks. So when I heard about this virtual potluck I was ALL IN!

Annie from An Unrefined Vegan is the creator of this Virtual Vegan Potluck. All of the details are on her blog. But you only have until April 30th to sign up. The actual potluck in on May 12th. Here is a quote from her blog about the potluck:

“I’ve been enjoying the blogging community so much and making so many wonderful connections that I thought it would be really fun to get a bunch of us together to create a virtual potluck.  We’re all cooking and baking up a storm anyway – why not coordinate our efforts and put on a really spectacular, show-stopper of a meal?  The idea is for food/recipe bloggers – vegan or not – to “get together” on one day to share a feast.”

I will be making a dessert, because I love sugar! I think this is a super cool idea and I had to share it. Let me know if you are participating! Or if you know anyone that might be interested, spread the word. Hope to see some of you at the virtual potluck!

Sexy vegetarian?

Hey everyone,

I have entered into PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door 2012! (after some encouragement from some friends and boyfriend).

Since going vegetarian and practically vegan, I have felt so much better. I not only feel better physically, but mentally as well. And I truely feel the decision to go vegetarian/vegan has made me a more beautiful person, inside and out. Physically I am not everyones cup of tea, but I think true beauty comes from being who you are, whether that follows social norms or not.

If you would like to support me in this journey, I would be greatful. If not, I hope you will continue to read my blog and get inspired to cook yourself or someone you love, some tasty food.

Voting starts today. Here is my personal link: